Global Warming is solely responsible for climate change

Global warming is the vigorously debated topics on this earth. Excessive rainfall without rainy season, dangerous heat waves, severe droughts, extreme storms and a rise in sea level are becoming more common. These are the most serious issues which are occurring in many parts of the world. These are just few outcomes of global warming, which are already a threat to the human beings. These factors are affecting human health, communities and the environment. Many people are suffering from severe diseases.

The ozone layer is depleting fast due to the global warming in the atmosphere. These consequences require an immediate action otherwise because a regular increase can cause adverse effect on the entire planet.

Human Beings – A primary cause of global warming

You can observe a rise in temperature of the planet and cause frequent changes in the climate. People are polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide but from where this CO2 comes from? Burning of fossil fuels, huge industries setups and cutting of forests are the tasks of people that they perform for their personal benefits. Globally, the temperature has increased due to these causes and effects.

Noticeable changes:

  • Adverse effects on human health
  • A sudden increase in the graph of severe diseases
  • Wildland fires
  • Temperature at poles
  • Effect on wildlife
  • Ozone layer depletion
  • Rapid deforestation

All these changes are occurring because of human activities, and it is the fundamental duty of all the humans to stop these activities. We have a choice to act on these issues and pass a healthier and safer environment to the coming generation.

Any evidence of global warming?

  • Increase in average temperature according to the studies of NASA
  • A sudden rise in warming
  • Melting of glaciers
  • Melting of snow in the mountains
  • Increasing heat waves, wildfire and tropical storms

You cannot deny these evidences; therefore, you have to accept all the changes which are happening in your surroundings. These are rapid changes that have been observed by the scientists.

Methods of reducing global warming

With the technological advancements, we are now equipped with practical solutions and the latest equipments to reduce the effects on the environment. We can easily tackle problems together and stop pumping of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If you want to protect the environment, then you can take the following initiatives:

  • Use recycled products

    Increase use of recycled paper and don’t print the paper if not necessary. Spread awareness in people for the use of recycled products.

  • Use LED bulbs

    In houses, remove the tube lights of high watts and replace with LED bulbs. Only a single bulb can save lots of energy and can be recycled very easily.

Together, we can slow down the process of global warming by following the above methods.


All these evidences and proofs show that the increasing use of technology is the reason behind this warming. There is a need to make efforts as a team and slow down the effects of global warming. Now, it is the time to discuss on the global climate change. If we want to reduce the side-effects, then it needs a significant deduction of carbon dioxide.

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