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The argumentative essay bears many similarities to the persuasive essay. However, on the other side, it has several differences. The objective of this essay writing is to present an individual’s opinion about some phenomenon with a set of valid arguments.

An outline of argumentative piece of document:

  • Introduction

    Catches the reader’s attention to identifying the scope of the thesis. An introduction should be catchy that orientates the reader.

  • Body

    This part contains the details and conclusion of the essay.Supporting details, and concluding sentence are the major components of the body section. Mention overall pros and cons of the subject.

  • Conclusion

    A summary describes the features and motive of writing the topic.

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  • Is our election process is fair for people?
  • Are cell phones dangerous for ears?
  • Are actors and athletes paid too much?
  • Does age matter in marriages?
  • Is college admission really competitive nowadays?
  • Is the homework helpful for students?
  • Is the fashion relevant in the current era?..Moreover, much more

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